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Damage Restoration

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At Built Right Construction & Design, we understand how stressful the damage restoration process can be for you and your family or business. With years of experience, we are dedicated to helping you recover your home from devastating damages. As a specialized division of Built Right, we go beyond the role of an average mitigation specialist. We offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of all our clients and their situation.

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Fire Damage Mitigation
Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Facing fire damage is a highly traumatic experience, leaving you vulnerable and fearful. Extinguishing the flames is just the beginning, as the aftermath can be disastrous, jeopardizing prized possessions and the roof over your head.

Fires cause extensive property damage and financial struggles for businesses, disrupting daily operations. At Built Right, we empathize with the stress on you, your family, or your business. With decades of experience in recovering properties from fire and smoke damage, our experts stand ready to provide restoration services once the smoke clears.

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Water Damage Restoration
Storms, Floods, & Leaks

Water damage can be a significant problem for homes and buildings, leading to structural damage, mold growth, and other issues. The process of dealing with water damage typically involves several steps to mitigate the damage and restore the affected areas.

At Built Right, we have the expertise to help with every step along the way. We understand how devastating water damage can be on your home and your life, that’s why we offer our emergency services when you’re in need.

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Home restorations are important projects, and your family will live with the finished product for years, even decades. So it’s important that you work with a trustworthy team who can guide you in your decision making process. We take pride in helping your family find the proper balance between quality materials, and matching your budget.

Guidance through the Insurance Claim process

Who’s responsible for the costs

Our insurance claim experts can advise if you have a claimable situation in your hands or if all cost will need to come out of pocket. Every situation or incident will be unique and will require gathering all the details surrounding the incident to better understand if a claim should be filed or not.

From estimation to completion
How Residential Fire, Storm and Water Damage Restoration Works

With our help you can rest assured that your assets will be protected and damage kept minimal. Our experienced team is ready to handle your home’s water damage cleanup and restoration needs.

Swift response to storm, fire, or water damage emergencies.
Thorough inspection to assess the extent of the damage in each affected area.

Stabilization through board-up, site containment, and securing compromised structures. Free consultation on the insurance process for informed decision-making.

Detailed documentation of damages for insurance purposes. Optional attendance at adjuster meetings for alignment on necessary repairs. Filing insurance claims, with discussions on material selection upon approval.

Immediate action to remove damaged construction materials or initiate water extraction. Restoration of the affected areas, starting with roof replacement or other essential repairs.

Deployment of industrial-strength dehumidifiers to eliminate excess moisture. Structural drying, with the opening of walls or removal of damaged structures if needed.

Professional techniques and equipment to remove soot and smoke damage. Air scrubbers and hydroxyl generators to deodorize the structure and eliminate harmful particles.

Evaluation of salvageable items and creation of an inventory for insurance claims. Cleaning and restoration of affected contents, considering replacement costs and sentimental value.

Rebuilding the affected structure with necessary repairs. Final cleanup to restore the property to its pre-damaged condition.

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Expertise to Do it Right

Our experienced team, equipped with state-of-the-art drying and restoration equipment, ensures a thorough evaluation and complete restoration of your property. We prioritize efficient and effective processes to minimize damage and facilitate a swift recovery.

Emergency Tips and Steps
Things to know about dealing with fire, Storm and Water damage

The earlier your facility is stabilized, the more of your property can be salvaged. Acidic soot and smoke damage that develop in fires will accelerate the deterioration and corrosion of your structure. The fire damage restoration process includes damage mitigation, neutralization of toxic smoke and water extraction. Beyond the visible structural damage, contents inside the structure must be assessed for salvageability. Our restoration services include emergency board-up, demolition, air filtration, soot removal, deodorization and build-back.

Remember, the immediate aftermath of a disaster can be overwhelming, but taking these steps systematically will help in the recovery process. Seek professional guidance and support to ensure a thorough and effective restoration of your property.

  • Prioritize safety for yourself and others.
  • Evacuate the premises if necessary and follow emergency protocols.

Call the appropriate emergency services (fire department, police, etc.) to address immediate dangers.

Take photos or videos of the damage for insurance claims. Document the extent of the damage in each affected area.

Notify your insurance company promptly. Provide them with detailed information and documentation of the damage.

Call us for immediate assistance to help limit additional damage. We will promptly board up windows, secure walls, or use tarps on damaged roofs if needed.

Work closely with restoration professionals to understand the repair and restoration process. Keep open communication with your insurance adjuster for a streamlined claims process.

Retrieve important documents like insurance policies, identification, and other critical paperwork.

If the damage is extensive, consider arranging temporary housing while repairs are underway.

Seek emotional support for yourself and your family during the challenging restoration process. Understand that recovery takes time, and reaching out to friends, family, or support groups can be beneficial.

Turn off the water source to prevent further flooding. Extract standing water using available tools or call professionals for water removal. Dry out the structure using dehumidifiers and proper ventilation.

Ensure the property is secured against further damage. Avoid entering the property until it is deemed safe by professionals.

Check for structural damage and potential hazards. Schedule a thorough inspection with Built Right to assess the extent of the storm damage.

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Mold Remediation Services
The Mold Three R’s : Removal, Remediation & Repairs

Mold poses a serious threat not only to your property but also to the health of those who inhabit it. Immediate action is crucial when signs of mold appear to safeguard the well-being of you, your family, and others sharing the space.

Our swift response involves the removal of mold and remediation of affected areas, prioritizing the restoration of air quality. Utilizing HEPA filtration devices, we work diligently to filter and improve the air quality. Once the mold is eradicated, our repair team focuses on restoring your home to its original condition.

Signs of Mold

Symptoms of Mold


Here you’ll find a compilation of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please send an email to: info@builtrightcnd.com

What would be the first step after choosing a mitigation contractor?

The first step once you’ve engaged with a mitigation contractor is to map out all damaged and affected areas for documentation purposes. It’s crucial not to proceed with any mitigation until everything is documented, as many incidents are covered by insurance and require reports for justification. Inadequate documentation could result in reduced coverage from the insurance provider, leading the homeowner to bear some of the costs.

After documenting the damages, you can proceed with the mitigation process. Built Right Fire & Water Rescue offers construction services as well, streamlining the process of finding a reliable contractor that can work with your insurance provider. We can assist with the restoration of damages, provide claim filing assistance, create a scope of work for quality repairs, and complete all repairs prescribed by your insurance provider.

Book your free consultation today.

Can you provide me with an estimate or quote and is it free?

Remediation and repair estimates are free. They always go directly to the insurance provider after signing on with us for services when going through your insurance provider.

The estimate is still free if there is no coverage, and all expenses are covered by the homeowner. For remediation, an initial estimate can be provided for the apparent damage. Additional expenses due to unforeseen damages will be covered through addendums.

Are there financing options?

Yes! We have interest free or same as cash financing up to 18 months, and low interest rates for those with good credit for longer terms up to 10 years. Financing is a good option for all our clients giving that we offer kitchen and bathroom products as well as furniture for the home.

Financing is a great tool for our clients who have an open insurance claim as their restoration was an accident and unplanned. Finances may be tight and financing bridges the gap that is not covered by the insurance provider.

What warranties do you offer?

We offer 5-year warranties on the labor in the case that there is a defect with the installation of any of the products.

Manufacturer defects on finish products are not covered as we do not manufacture the products ourselves. However, we do assist with going after the manufacturer if the product was purchased through our affiliated company. We offer that service free of charge for shopping with us.

How far out are you booked and when can we start my project?

We provide construction services, but what makes us unique is the fact that we are a mitigation company that offers emergency restoration services. This gives us the ability to provide emergency services within 48 hours to sterilize surfaces. Repairs can start once we gain approval for the scope of work from your insurance provider.

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Why Choose Built Right?
Unparalleled Expertise
Our team years of experience in the restoration industry. Their extensive knowledge and expertise serve as the foundation of every project, ensuring that they deliver superior results. Our team of restoration specialists undergo continuous training to stay updated with the latest techniques and industry best practices, guaranteeing that your property is in capable hands.
Comprehensive Restoration Services
We offer a wide range of restoration and repair services to address various types of damage. Whether you are dealing with water damage, fire and smoke damage, mold infestation, or storm damage, our team has the skills and resources to handle it all. From initial assessment to final restoration, our team works diligently to restore your property and minimize the disruption to your life.
Personalized Approach
We understand that every restoration project is unique, and they tailor their services to meet your specific needs. The Got Damage team takes the time to understand the extent of the damage and develop a customized restoration plan that aligns with your preferences and budget. We believe in open communication and collaboration throughout the restoration process, keeping you informed and involved every step of the way.
Client-Centric Excellence
We believe that their clients are the top priority. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service from the moment you contact us until the project’s completion. Our friendly and professional staff is there to address your questions, concerns, and needs promptly. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and are committed to building long-term relationships based on trust and reliability.
Our Reputation Speaks for Itself
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Read what our happy customers are saying about their experience of working with us.
“They will be our FIRST call for any other future project”
I’m very glad we went with Built Right! Carlos and his team were very professional and very attentive to all my questions as the job progressed. We are very happy with the work performed by the Built Right Construction and Design team, and they will be our FIRST call for any other future projects!
Eric C.
Walnut Creek, CA
“Thorough, thoughtful, responsive, reasonable, & skilled”

Great team, great crew. Thorough, thoughtful, responsive, reasonable, and skilled. They did a great job on our bathroom repair and remodel, despite short notice and having to squeeze us into an already busy schedule. I know how hard it is to find a contractor you’re legitimately HAPPY with. This is that contractor.

Adam D.
Oakland, CA
“I am so grateful to have found Built Right..”
I can’t recommend Built Right more highly. All the workers were so pleasant, professional and respectful. It was actually kind of nice to have them around despite having to work through Covid protocols. I am so grateful to have found Built Right as I have heard horror stories about other contractors. My projects couldn’t have gone more smoothly and I’m already under contract for them to replace my windows in the new year.
Catherine B.
Orinda, CA
“Highly recommend Built Right Construction..”
Great service! Responsive and quick. Very technically inclined with home construction services. Was able to isolate a ceiling leak source and addressed it with a detailed seal job. Texture, paint, the works. Would go back to Carlos and his team in the future, and would definitely recommend his services to neighbors/friends.
Chuks D.
Concord, CA
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In addition to being your local Bathroom Remodeling experts, we also pride ourselves on offering all types of home renovation & repair services. We are a full-service contractor, and can help you realize your remodeling aspirations in regards to windows, siding, & roofing – just to name a few!

We offer a wide variety of home remodeling services, including (but not limited to):

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