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Emergency Leak Detection & Plumbing Services

Emergency Leak Detection & Plumbing Services
Emergency Leak Repair

Water Leak Detection

Emergency Leak Repair

Avoid costly mistakes by hiring a water leak professional.

There are two main benefits of hiring a water leak detection company: They have the equipment and the trained eyes and ears. Oftentimes, as home owners without any experience in the leak detection business, if you hear water running in your bathroom but you cant see where the its actually coming from, you risk making damaging mistakes to your home by attempting to locate and fix the leak yourself. This can potentially cos more money than is necessary.

We will respond quickly to your call and tarp the roof as necessary to minimize damage. This will save you money and give you peace of mind.

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There whenever you need us.

You have a leak.
Now what?

We can assist you in finding the leak and having it fixed as soon as possible, regardless of whether you are experiencing boiler pressure loss, can smell mold, have a wet area, or have a high water bill.

The effects of leaks should never be taken lightly. A 0.5mm leak may let about 5 gallons of water out per hour, seriously damaging your home and causing a spike in your water bill.

Finding "Mystery" Leaks
It can be a nightmare for a homeowner to find and stop a leak.

Whenever you have a leak, it is essential to find the exact cause and location. In addition to plumbing problems, there are other causes of leaks. With our specialized equipment and over 15 years of experience, we can identify the cause and origin of these “mystery” leaks quickly and efficiently. We at Built Right Construction understand that our clients are stressed and need fast, reliable service.

We locate the cause and origin of the leak using non-invasive technology. A detailed report will be provided to you detailing the findings so that you can file an insurance claim.

Our leak detection skills cover the following services:

emergency leak repair steps
Crucial Steps to Take Before Our 24-Hour Plumber Arrives

Although our technicians have a quick response time, there are a few steps you can take to prevent the plumbing issue from worsening before they arrive.

Water Source
When dealing with burst pipes, broken taps, leaky water or sewer lines, or anything capable of causing flooding, we advise you to find and switch off the individual shut-off valve. You can find this valve mounted to the wall, close to a wall, or below the faulty fixture. If you can’t find the individual valve, turn off the shut-off valve of the primary water source. The goal here is to prevent severe water damage to your house or commercial facility.
Power Source
Water heaters require routine maintenance and checkup to keep them in good condition. If left unattended for a long time, the water heater can malfunction and cause serious problems. When faced with a broken water heater, we advise you to switch off the power source connected to this fixture right away. The objective here is to stop pressure accumulation and avoid hot water burns from occurring.
Clear the Clogs
You can use a plunger for drain cleaning. But if your garbage disposal system or any other complex system has clogged, we advise you to wait for our plumbing professionals to get the drain cleaning job done. Although some repairs can wait, plumbing is crucial for everyday activities and a failure can result in major inconveniences and serious damages if left unresolved.
Contact Us
Our professional plumbers are licensed, bonded and insured. They can typically be at your home or business within one hour of your call into our dispatch center. We have crews working overnight and weekends, and can be reached 24/7. In some scenarios we can work directly with your insurance coverages.
Burst Pipe Leak

With plumbing throughout a house there are many opportunities for a broken or burst pipe to cause damage. You may experience a burst pipe under the house or in the basement, or a slow leak behind a wall from a broken pipe. Burst Pipes in the water system is one of the most common plumbing problems both in the home and the public system. Several things can cause Burst Pipes: Sometimes, it’s a long, slow leak that has caused significant damage over time. In other cases, a burst pipe is an emergency water damage situation that requires immediate action.


Burst Pipe Repairs
Our expert plumbers can be dispatch and at your home in 1 to 2 hours after receiving the call.

If a pipe bursts in the ceiling or floor it can be some time before you notice and all too often the first, you know is when the bulge appears or the water flows in a torrent. We can offer drying services and flood cuts when needed to assure no further spread of water damage to the property.

Sewer Line Leaks & Repairs

There are many causes of sewer line damage, including:

  • Broken, cracked, or collapsed pipes due to shifting soil, settling, sinkholes, or other natural causes
  • Root intrusion from trees and shrubs or blockages by other foreign objects
  • Deterioration and corrosion of sewer pipes
  • Bellied pipes due to ground and soil conditions
  • Leaking or broken joints that allow sewage to leach into the surrounding soil
  • Sewer lines that are flat or back-graded over time due to substandard installation, corrosion of materials, or ground and soil conditions
  • Sewer lines that are over-graded, due to substandard installation or ground and soil conditions.
Sewer Inspections

Camera inspections are extremely useful in determining the overall condition of a sewer lateral.

If a video camera inspection finds that the majority of your sewer line is in good working condition, we can make repair recommendations without the need to replace your sewer line.

Installing Exterior Cleanouts

By code, you are required to have an external cleanout on your sewer lateral, but many older houses do not have a cleanout, which makes clearing your sewer line difficult and unreliable.